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Tile And Grout Can Be Hard To Clean - Leave It To The Pros




Dirty grout and tile makes a home look unprofessional and unsanitary. Moreover, no amount of regular mopping will ever get that ground-in grime out. Tile and grout can be hard to clean, so you need to call in the pros from The Maids Tampa to make sure your tile cleaning is done right. Their superior systematic tile cleaning has several unique features:



Tile Cleaning Before

Tile Cleaning After

Cleaning Teams of Four

Our cleaning research has concluded that cleaning is done much better by a team. The Maids Tampa's highly trained teams of four divide duties so that everyone can become an expert at a particular job. You want your tile cleaning to be done by someone who knows all the tricks of getting out the grime in grout, and knows just the right brush to use to make that tile shine. Furthermore, our uniformed, bonded and insured teams have a team leader who is careful to double-check every cleaning job. The team leader will check every stall of the bathroom and every section of tile, so that you don't have to.


Old Fashioned Cleaning on Hands and Knees

Not many cleaning companies actually ask their employees to scrub on their hands and knees. However, The Maids Tampa knows that tile and grout can't be properly cleaned without lots of elbow grease. Hire them and you'll know your tile cleaning isn't just going to be a mop pushing the dirt around. Instead, each tile will be scrubbed and disinfected every time.


Special Grout Brushes and Tile Cleaner

Using the right equipment is important in superior tile cleaning. The Maids Tampa knows the right grout brushes to use for different types and sizes of tile and grout. Moreover, they have specially formulated, environmentally-friendly tile and grout cleaners that remove ground-in grime in tile. The Maids Tampa knows that you want your place to be healthy, so they only use non-irritating green products which use natural processes to dissolve grime and disinfect surfaces.


With tile cleaning from this superior cleaning service, you can be sure that the tile in your home will look like new. The Maids Tampa knows that you will think their tile cleaning is the best you've ever had. That's why they guarantee their work.


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