Spring Cleaning / Fall Cleaning


Seasonal weather means new beginnings outdoors – and indoors. Let The Maids' special spring cleaning and fall cleaning services help you organize, clean and sanitize your home. That dirt was so last season.


What We Do

Spring cleaning means a time to feel better about your home. Rest assured with The Maids' detailed, healthy cleaning: from deep under beds, to the tops of refrigerators, we've got you covered.


How We Do It

Our residential cleaning teams attend to every detail: We scrub kitchen and bathroom floors; remove mold and mildew in the bathroom; clean the toilet-seat hinges; and remove fingerprints from phone receivers, light switches and doorknobs to prevent the spread of germs.


Why We Do It

Keep your family in a safe, clean environment. Prevent allergy and asthma symptoms, or the spread of germs, with the professional home cleaning services of The Maids.


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