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Complete Housekeeping Services Solution That You Can Count On


Sometimes, you need special Housekeeping Services that go above and beyond the weekly cleaning of surfaces in your home. When you hire The Maids servicing Riverview, Tampa, West Hills and Pinellas, you can be sure that you are hiring a company that is complete Housekeeping Services solution that you can count on.


Here are some of the most popular extra Housekeeping Services we offer:

  • Move-in and Move-out Residential or Apartment Cleaning: If you are moving in or out of a new home, you don't need the additional hassle of having to thoroughly clean your apartment or house. The experts at The Maids will do a full Housekeeping Services for you at a very reasonable rate. Make sure you get your cleaning deposit back, or that your new home is germ and allergen free when you move in. The deep cleaning methods of The Maids teams will do the cleaning right the first time.
  • Special Same Day Cleaning: If you are getting ready for a party or special event in your home, you don't need to panic when you realize your house needs cleaning and you won't have time. Call The Maids for same day Housekeeping Services Service and you can take a break before your party begins to rest and be ready to be a hostess, not a tired housekeeper.
  • Window Cleaning: We do windows! When is the last time your windows really sparkled? The Maids knows how to get out those streaks and fingerprints so that your windows really shine.
  • Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Service: Kitchen cabinets can get messy and full of grease and food grime. Get your kitchen re-organized and cleaned right by The Maids . The wood on your kitchen surfaces will be healthier and last longer with this Housekeeping Services service.
  • Oven and Grill Cleaning Service: Nothing is messier to clean than an oven or outside grill. Let The Maids clean these appliances carefully and completely so that they last longer and your food tastes better. You will be glad you called for this special Housekeeping Services service!
  • Wall Cleaning Service: Fingerprints, dirt and grime can make your house look like it needs new paint. Before calling and scheduling an expensive new paint job, ask for the wall cleaning service from The Maids. Your walls will look like new!
  • Refrigerator Cleaning Service: Moldy fruits and juice spills can make your refrigerator a messy, germy nightmare. If you find yourself just closing the door every time you even think about cleaning your refrigerator, schedule a Housekeeping Services service by The Maids instead.
  • Tile and Wood Floor Cleaning Service: One Housekeeping Services service you should not neglect is an in-depth cleaning and restoring of your tile and wood floors. Without careful attention to cleaning these floors, you may have permanent damage which causes expensive repairs. The Maids knows the right products to use to keep your floors protected from every day wear and tear. Moreover, their complete Housekeeping Services include in-depth cleaning on their hands and knees and getting into all the corners with elbow grease, not harsh Housekeeping Services chemicals.
  • Chandelier and Light Fixture Cleaning: You may have beautiful and expensive chandeliers and light fixtures, but if they are dirty, you won't be able to appreciate their beauty. Furthermore, dirty fixtures make the lights in a room seem dimmer. So be sure to schedule chandelier and light fixture Housekeeping Services to make sure your room lighting looks as clean as the rooms themselves.
  • Wood Panel Cleaning and Mirrored Walls: If you have special features in your home like beautiful wood paneling or mirrored walls, you know that these features need to be kept clean and polished in order to be looking their best. By having The Maids do a special Housekeeping Services of these surfaces, you will know you are protecting your wood and allowing your mirrors to show off the beauty of your rooms.
  • Garage Cleaning Service: Like most of us, you probably use your garage for storage. If your garage has become cluttered and dirty, you may want to call the special Housekeeping Services service of The Maids servicing Riverview, Tampa, West Hills and Pinellas to help you clean and organize that space.

Do you have a Housekeeping Services need that isn't on this list? Don't worry! The Maids is ready to help with any other special needs you might have.


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