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Superior Home Cleaning Service with a Unique 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System


While anyone can run the vacuum and wipe off a kitchen counter, not everyone is knows the best way to get rid of the dirt and grime in a house. Why not hire a professional trained in the latest cleaning techniques? Get the best maid service to do it for you when you hire The Maids.


What you Can Expect from the Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System

When you hire The Maids servicing Riverview, Tampa, West Hills and Pinellas, you will get superior cleaning services by their uniformed, bonded and insured teams of four. Using their unique Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System, The Maids will make sure that all of the surfaces of your home are cleaned thoroughly and completely.


22-Step Cleaning Process


Everyone knows that a complicated task is done more efficiently when it is broken down into parts and made into a system. cleaning-services-tampa-bay-floridaThe Maids servicing Riverview, Tampa, West Hills and Pinellas uses the latest research in cleaning technology to provide cleaning services which systematically clean your house, so you won't have to. What will you find cleaned when you get home?


Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Change Linens: These cleaning services let you leave your bed unmade in the morning! They will take out your old linens and replace them with new ones, so that you come home to fresh towels and new sheets on your freshly made bed.
  • Clean and Disinfect Toilets, Tubs and Sinks: Soap scum and mold that is not cleaned well can result in permanent damage to your tubs, basins and tile. Rely on cleaning services of The Maids servicing Riverview, Tampa, West Hills and Pinellas to make sure that these are all scrubbed thoroughly and germ free. They go on their hands and knees to get in every spot and scrub with environmentally safe products rather than harsh chemicals to make your bathroom smell as clean as it looks.
  • Hand Wash and Disinfect Floors: Scrubbing a kitchen or bathroom floor by hand is the only way to get it really clean. Many cleaning services just push around a mop. Not the cleaning services at The Maids! They get down on their hands and knees to clean and disinfect the floor every time.
  • Counters, Range Top, and Sink: Don't worry about grease, this maid service has that handled. Moreover, your kitchen needs to be free from germs as well as clean to the eye. The cleaning services of The Maids disinfects and cleans these surfaces completely.
  • Appliance Exteriors and Cabinets: Smudges on your refrigerator? cleaning services can help. All of your exterior surfaces will be wiped down and cleaned so they look like new.
  • Microwave: Popcorn butter on the microwave is a mess, but cleaning services from The Maids will clean it up for you.
  • Load Dishes: Don't worry about those dishes in the sink, the cleaning services will load it up for you so that you come home to a mess-free kitchen!

Throughout House

  • Vacuum floors and Carpets: The Maids use a vacuum with a HEPA filter which takes out 99% of allergens, dust and pet dander. Moreover, they use a backpack vacuum to make sure that their team gets into every corner, nook and cranny in your house. No dust bunnies under the bed or on the stairs will be missed by this maid service!
  • Pick Up and Straighten: The Maids cleaning services don't clean around your mess. They understand that organizing is part of cleaning and they will help you keep your house in better order.
  • Dust Sills, Ledges and Wall Hangings: A house isn't clean if there are corners that are missed. These cleaning services will be sure even the tops of your baseboards are shining.
  • Remove Cobwebs: You need cleaning services which look high as well as low and these cleaning services will be sure not to miss those pesky cob webs that crop up in corners.
  • Empty Trash: You don't want to come home to clean rooms but full trash cans. The Maid cleaning services empties your trash for you.
  • Windows: These cleaning services do windows! Every week, they will wash the windows that you see out of the most by your front door, patio doors and kitchen.


The best part about hiring cleaning services from The Maids is that they do all the extras. This maid service doesn't forget that germs are transferred by places your hands often touch. They clean phone receivers, light switches and door knobs to keep your house germ free. 

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