They did a beautiful job!


-J.G., Odessa
Rating: 5

Everything looked so good!!


-Y.S., Palm Harbor
Rating: 5

Thank you for always doing a great job in my home - I really appreciate it!


-M.C., Tampa
Rating: 5

Above all, I am pleased with the consistency of the good work the team does in my home. I never feel that they are having an "off week". Best of all, even my husband can tell when The Maids have been here!


-M.J., Belleair
Rating: 5

I really feel that I can trust The Maids in my house! My daughter lost $50 and just couldn't find it. We thought it fell out of her pocket at the mall. Turns out it was under her bed and one of The Maids left it on the counter for me that Friday!


-D.S., Tarpon Springs
Rating: 5

Thank you for doing such an excellent job.  I notice how you pay attention and attend to the little details.  Thanks!

-D.J., Palm Harbor
Rating: 5

Flor, the team leader, is very good at making sure everything is done and done right. The team also work together very well.


-C.J., Clearwater Beach
Rating: 5

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