Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:00

Create More Space in Your Garage

gs-wood-pegboard-1013tm-pic-2831You spend time in between your busy schedule to complete housework, but how often do you work on the garage? Chances are; that is almost never. A garage has so much potential and so many uses, but the space always seem to be limited and it also becomes a storage facility. Here are some helpful tips to put that room to good use.



Installing pegboard on the garage wall is a very helpful idea to save space. You have tools everywhere, whether piled up in toolboxes or laying around in different areas. When you need a tool, you have to go find it a lot of the time. Pegboard allows you to purchase hooks and hangers to fit in the small holes on the board. This allows you to hang commonly used tools, jars for parts and accessories, yard sale signs, shelves for cleaners, and much more. Imagine what you could do.


Outdoor Sheds and Cabinets

Outdoor sheds and cabinets provide potential for clearing out big yard equipment or trip hazard tools from your garage. You don’t have to spend a ton of money here because there are affordable options like vinyl storage sheds. Put your lawn tractor, push mower, rakes, pruners, shovels, rope, fencing, edger, and more in these storage sheds or closets. This gives you more room in the garage to move around or work on a project.



Your garage has trusses under the roof, if you have no ceiling in your garage. Why not put them to good use. Long items or things that don’t get used often can be placed safely up above. Some homes put a boat up there while others place lumber and tires up there. The possibilities are endless. You can also install flat boards across the trusses to act as a shelf for smaller, rarely used products.


Self-Standing Shelves

Purchasing self-standing shelves can be worth the investment. They clean up your garage and make it look better. They hide piles of parts or rarely used items. They even organize your space. You can put commonly used tools in there too. Cabinets are available in vinyl, plastic, metal, or wood. You want to determine what you plan on using them for so you can find shelving with the right weight limit. They work great for chemicals too!