Monday, 09 December 2013 00:00

Protect the Appeal of Your Room’s Seated Furniture

w-sofa-in-living-room-1113tm-pic-120When it comes to furniture that you sit on, it has a huge impact on the appeal of any room. After all, it takes up a lot of space. If it is damaged, stained, warped, sagging, faded, or dull; it can hinder your housekeeping efforts. A room is only as good, visually speaking, as the things in it. With this thought in mind, there are several things you can do to prolong the life of your furniture and retain its beauty for a longer period.


Furniture Covers


Covers designed specifically for couches, chairs, love seats, recliners, etc. protect the surfaces of the furniture while allowing use at the same time. They are available in various styles and colors or designs. These covers protect the furniture from spill, stains, and even wear. They don’t look bad either because of their look. If you have kids or pets, these covers work excellent and most are machine washable.


Stain Protector


Stain protectors often comes in gel or spray form. Some are also included in cleaning solutions for carpets and furniture. They may also be referred to as stain guard, stain protection, and stain resistor formula. No matter what brand or kind, they serve a similar purpose. They protect a surface from spills and stains. This is great for homes with children, as they love to make messes and spill drinks. But they also help prevent wear and revive the beauty of the fabric or material, just like wax on a car.


Cushion Supports


Cushion supports help in a couple ways. First off, they lift the cushions on a couch or chair and stop the sagging from usage wear and support damage. In addition, they prevent sagging in the couch or chair itself. If the cushions sag from worn out support; the couch or chair could feel the impact. That isn’t always the case, but often more than not since furniture is not built super strong. After all, they are often hollow on the inside with a wooden frame and fabric covering it.