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How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?


how to choose a vacuum cleanerHome cleaning can be a daunting task, especially when working with the wrong equipment. One of the most important tools used in cleaning homes is a vacuum cleaner. Designed according to different needs and requirements, vacuum cleaner can make the task of regular everyday home cleaning easy and convenient. However, a vacuum cleaner can also become a headache and a waste o money if you did not do enough research before the purchase. We created a blog that will hopefully help you to pick a vacuum that is right just for you. 

The market is flooded with a plethora of different vacuum cleaning machines. There are many models, each serving a different purpose. You must analyze your need and what kind of cleaning purpose do you wish the vacuum cleaner to serve. The models for large carpeted floors are different from the ones used on hardwood floors.


Another point to keep in mind before purchasing a vacuum cleaner is whether your home has stairs or not. Again the models that can be used with ease on stairs are different than the ones used on normal plain floor.


Finally, if you have pets and small children in your home, theN your cleaning requirements will be a lot different from a home without kids and pets. This is because pet hair requires special attachments and high suction power for effective cleaning. Similarly, young kids bring in a lot of dirt inside the house when they play in mud outside. Thus, the house tends to get dirtier and requires frequent cleaning


If any family member has asthma or some other known allergy to dust, it is highly recommended to buy vacuum cleaners with special HEPA filters. With these, the exhaust air is filtered before being released and it effectively removes 99.97% of airborne allergens.


After analyzing your needs, it’s a good idea to understand various types of vacuum cleaning machines. Some basic differences are:


Upright or canister- The canister model is usually used in homes with stairs and also cars while the upright model is used by professionals. The canister model is cumbersome to maneuver around and it often gets stuck in corners. Also the machine has 2 parts, and if you wish to pick it up, you will have to pick them both. The upright model is more convenient to use and due to less distance between floor and motor, it also has better suction over distance.


Bag or Bagless – With bag less cleaners, it is very easy to empty the content of the collection cylinder into the dustbin. They have good suction but sometimes the motor gets jammed because of dust collecting in it. The old cloth bag cleaners are now replaced with paper bag cleaners but can be expensive because each paper bag costs $5 or more</P>


Power brush and filters – Like mentioned before- HEPA filters are essential if there are known cases of allergy in the family. Power brush is a must for homes with pets. They are very efficient in picking up even the tiniest piece of pet hair from corners and crevices.


Hiring professional help for home cleaning is always a good choice. These people know and do their job well. However, if you wish to accomplish the task yourself, make sure you choose the right machine.