Create More Space in Your Garage

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gs-wood-pegboard-1013tm-pic-2831You spend time in between your busy schedule to complete housework, but how often do you work on the garage? Chances are; that is almost never. A garage has so much potential and so many uses, but the space always seem to be limited and it also becomes a storage facility. Here are some helpful tips to put that room to good use.



Installing pegboard on the garage wall is a very helpful idea to save space. You have tools everywhere, whether piled up in toolboxes or laying around in different areas. When you need a tool, you have to go find it a lot of the time. Pegboard allows you to purchase hooks and hangers to fit in the small holes on the board. This allows you to hang commonly used tools, jars for parts and accessories, yard sale signs, shelves for cleaners, and much more. Imagine what you could do.


Outdoor Sheds and Cabinets

Outdoor sheds and cabinets provide potential for clearing out big yard equipment or trip hazard tools from your garage. You don’t have to spend a ton of money here because there are affordable options like vinyl storage sheds. Put your lawn tractor, push mower, rakes, pruners, shovels, rope, fencing, edger, and more in these storage sheds or closets. This gives you more room in the garage to move around or work on a project.



Your garage has trusses under the roof, if you have no ceiling in your garage. Why not put them to good use. Long items or things that don’t get used often can be placed safely up above. Some homes put a boat up there while others place lumber and tires up there. The possibilities are endless. You can also install flat boards across the trusses to act as a shelf for smaller, rarely used products.


Self-Standing Shelves

Purchasing self-standing shelves can be worth the investment. They clean up your garage and make it look better. They hide piles of parts or rarely used items. They even organize your space. You can put commonly used tools in there too. Cabinets are available in vinyl, plastic, metal, or wood. You want to determine what you plan on using them for so you can find shelving with the right weight limit. They work great for chemicals too!


Spruce Up Your Rooms with Fresh Paint

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gs-3d-painting-roller-1013tm-bkg-387Your home looks as good as it can be with your house cleaning efforts, but have you looked at your walls? How about the moulding and trim? Or perhaps your bookshelf or kitchen cabinets that seem to show age? If you stop and look at a room from a distance, you'd be amazed at what you see. Some fresh paint can revive the atmosphere and even make your cleaning efforts look much more appealing. Paint is available in many types and options, including:


· Individual Paint or paint and primer combinations

· Color choices and tone level

· Gloss options

· Surface options

· Easy cleanup options

· And much more


Choose Colors

The first thing you need to do is decide on the colors. You can mix and match to either split the walls or make designs. You can also just go with one color. The same idea goes for any furniture or fixtures in the room like cabinets, cabinet doors, trim, bookshelves, stools, etc.


Choose Gloss

The next thing to decide is the level of gloss you would like. Options include flat, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss, etc. The higher the gloss level, the better the protection. Anything from satin up is easily cleanable, but the higher the level the easier that cleaning capability will be. Cabinets and bookshelves could really benefit from a medium to high gloss because of the wear and tear effects. Walls usually look best with a satin or semi-gloss.


Choose Type

The third thing to decide is the surface options with paint. Paint companies continue to provide newer choices in an attempt to overtake their competition. They are always trying to stand out. Choices include primer and paint combinations to save time, kids room paints for easy marking cleanup, vinyl surface paints for better adhesion, etc. Also, a lot of paint choices get specific as to the room, which leaves you with options like the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, etc. where each type has its own benefits. These could include mold and mildew resistance, stronger adhesion, water blocking, etc.


Choose Quantity

The fourth thing to decide is how much you need. The paint cans usually specify the coverage per can--usually in square feet. You can also pick a paint that offers easy cleanup so that you don't have to scrub to clean drips and spills.


Working with Chlorine Bleach

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gs-1792039-detergent-bottle-040214-1672Chlorine bleach is used a lot in the home for many different purposes. It cleans things. It disinfects things. It kills mold and mildew on things. Bleach is very useful, but it is also very dangerous. You must use with caution, especially if you have any children or pets in the household. Housekeeping services performed by The Maids are completed using only environmentally-friendly products that still work the same or better than bleach would. But that is because our services are designed to provide results in a safe way and to give you a safer environment when we leave your home.


Bleach Uses

Bleach is pretty universal and is even an ingredient in many cleaners today. There are many uses and it serves many purposes. Bleach can be used to clean and sanitize:

  • Floor surfaces
  • Countertops
  • Tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks
  • House siding
  • Children toys
  • Trash cans
  • White sock, towels, rags, and other linens
  • Shower liners
  • Rubber mats
  • And a whole lot more.

Depending on what you are cleaning and sanitizing, the mixture of water, bleach, and other ingredients will vary.


Disadvantages of Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach can be very useful, but it does carry many disadvantages too. First, you must be careful not to let it come in contact with ammonia, acidic chemicals, or other household cleaners. This can lead to a chemical reaction where it could develop harmful gases and vapors or simply cause an explosive reaction. Aside from that, you need to be sure not to let it touch stainless steel. It will corrode rapidly and could actually burn a hole right through it. In addition, chlorine bleach likes to fade colored fabrics. When using it you must be cautious and try to avoid splashes or spills. That can turn into a real nightmare. Lastly, bleach expires. The longer it sits on your home, the less strength it has. After about 6 months, it loses about 20% of its strength.



gs-7864-101413-gs7864Coffee and tea are enjoyable beverages, but the cleanup can be a pain. You impress your friends with the excellent housekeeping you do, but then you get the aged cups out for some coffee time. You scrub and scrub to no avail. The cup definitely looks like it has some age to it. The best remedy is to always rinse the cups out thoroughly when you are done with them. Oftentimes, they just get tossed into the sink pile. Other times, they get reused several times for refills and/or microwave heating. This can also leave stains, but not always. How do you clean these coffee cups? There are actually several methods and they are really not that difficult. It just involves patience or an overnight sleep for some methods.


Baking Soda

Baking soda works great as an abrasive cleaner. This method produces fast results without a waiting period. Simply place some of it in the cup or carafe and add a little water until it can form a paste. Then simply scrub it clean. The scrubbing action will remove the stain(s) immediately.


White Vinegar and Salt

White vinegar also does the trick well. Simply dab a rag in a mixture of white vinegar and salt, and then rub the stains until gone.


Vinegar and Corn Starch

The combination of white vinegar and corn starch makers a great paste for cleaning stains. Simply mix the two ingredients in a bowl to form a paste. Use a scrubber to wipe the stain away.


Denture Cleaner

Many people have never thought of this, but what do denture cleaners do? They whiten your teeth and remove stains like coffee and tea. Many have tried this and most have had some luck with it. You can apply the same concept to your coffee mugs as well. But be sure to thoroughly clean the china cups in dish soap after using the denture cleaner and rinse thoroughly.


Stain Remover Powder

What do powdered stain removers do? They remove stains, right? This idea has been used many times to clean coffee cups, but be sure to thoroughly clean with dish soap afterwards and don’t forget to rinse well. OXI-CLEAN is the most popular example.


Magic Eraser

A magic eraser removes a lot of dirt and grime, but it has also been used to clean coffee stains. You can try this little trick, depending on how bad the stain is. If the cup has been sitting for a long period, it may not work. But this is a method without many steps or messes.


glyphicon showerOne very important issue for many homeowners is the concern of eliminating the development of mildew in the home. This kind of fungi is the early stages of mold and will create problems with the health conditions of every household member. This type of situation can develop allergies that will include coughing, sneezing, and congestion, itch eyes and in many cases can cause episodes of asthma. For so many people, this kind of problems begins in the bathroom area of the home and with this fact brings the need for a solution with regards to eliminating mildew in the shower.


Mildew will begin to develop on the walls, tile and other areas of the bathroom and if neglected will lead towards the development of mold. One idea to prevent or removal this matter that is quite effective naturally is through the use of fresh air and plenty of sunlight. The window of the bathroom will need to remain open enough to allow air and sunlight to enter into this area of the home. Next, you will want to use hydrogen peroxide, along with some baking soda and vinegar. 


Through the use of this idea you will have a very strong and effective solution to use so to soak up any affected areas of the shower. Apply the solution with the use of a rag or spray and allow it to sit for a few hours and then it will be necessary to scrub with the use of a brush or even a sponge. This is one of the best and most effective ways towards eliminating the development of mildew from this part of the home with a natural remedy that will certainly help to remove Mildew in the shower and create a safer, cleaner and healthier environment for this area of the home.

w-sofa-in-living-room-1113tm-pic-120When it comes to furniture that you sit on, it has a huge impact on the appeal of any room. After all, it takes up a lot of space. If it is damaged, stained, warped, sagging, faded, or dull; it can hinder your housekeeping efforts. A room is only as good, visually speaking, as the things in it. With this thought in mind, there are several things you can do to prolong the life of your furniture and retain its beauty for a longer period.


Furniture Covers


Covers designed specifically for couches, chairs, love seats, recliners, etc. protect the surfaces of the furniture while allowing use at the same time. They are available in various styles and colors or designs. These covers protect the furniture from spill, stains, and even wear. They don’t look bad either because of their look. If you have kids or pets, these covers work excellent and most are machine washable.


Stain Protector


Stain protectors often comes in gel or spray form. Some are also included in cleaning solutions for carpets and furniture. They may also be referred to as stain guard, stain protection, and stain resistor formula. No matter what brand or kind, they serve a similar purpose. They protect a surface from spills and stains. This is great for homes with children, as they love to make messes and spill drinks. But they also help prevent wear and revive the beauty of the fabric or material, just like wax on a car.


Cushion Supports


Cushion supports help in a couple ways. First off, they lift the cushions on a couch or chair and stop the sagging from usage wear and support damage. In addition, they prevent sagging in the couch or chair itself. If the cushions sag from worn out support; the couch or chair could feel the impact. That isn’t always the case, but often more than not since furniture is not built super strong. After all, they are often hollow on the inside with a wooden frame and fabric covering it.

w-2971-backgroundsWhen it comes to fabrics and materials, a comparison can often lead to confusion or misunderstandings. To better understand this; curtain shopping can be confusing because of the way each manufacturer describes their products. Both terms get used a lot. When it comes to the public, many call a shirt a fabric when it is actually made from a fabric. In actuality, the shirt is made with cotton. Do you comprehend the point? Fabrics are known as the result of spinning and weaving a material or fiber together. A fabric can also be made of several materials or fabrics. No matter what materials get woven, it still becomes a fabric. Therefore, that shirt started out as cotton fiber materials, then got spun and woven together to become a fabric, then got sewn together to become a shirt.
When looking at fabrics, some may be named based on materials used while others may be based on the design. In other terms, burn-out fabric is named from the design, which is built from chemical destruction to the fabric to form a design in the fabric, while canvas fabrics are named from the materials used and is usually cotton and linen.
Moving to quality materials, they represent the overall qualities of the fabric, like the look, the strength, and the Fibers like wool add strength and insulating properties while silk adds fashion and decor. In addition, nylon will add abrasion resistance and strength while polyester will add shrink resistance and strength.
Knowing the characteristics on the materials and fabrics that curtains are composed of, you will have more knowledge to get the best match and save money too. Your housekeeping efforts contribute a lot to a room, but a bad decision with curtains can hinder the visual appeal you strive to keep.

How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner?

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how to choose a vacuum cleanerHome cleaning can be a daunting task, especially when working with the wrong equipment. One of the most important tools used in cleaning homes is a vacuum cleaner. Designed according to different needs and requirements, vacuum cleaner can make the task of regular everyday home cleaning easy and convenient. However, a vacuum cleaner can also become a headache and a waste o money if you did not do enough research before the purchase. We created a blog that will hopefully help you to pick a vacuum that is right just for you. 

Insightful Tips for an Efficient Kitchen

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w-Kitchen Organization 006 thumb1There are many important rooms in your home and because it’s where you feed your family, the kitchen is one of them. In these hectic times, you sometimes need to prepare meals quickly. One way to do that is to organize your kitchen beforehand. Here are some useful tips that will, in addition to hiring a maid service, make your kitchen area cleaner and more organized.


1. Putting Things in Their Place: Go through your kitchen and make sure there’s little to no clutter. Have a spot for everything. This will help you find things when you need them so there’s no scavenging through drawers when your family is hungry.


2. Organize Based on Use: Put the things you use more often in places that are easier to get to while the other things go elsewhere. While you are organizing, check the expiration dates on foods and get rid of those that are closer to their dates.


3. Putting Like Items with Like Items: Things of the same category should go together. These means that all silverware goes together in the same drawer, while all your cleaning supplies end up in the same closet. Supplies for your parties like balloons, party plates, and even confetti can be put in a drawer. Some things that don’t have anything to do with cooking like tools, batteries, and parts tend to end up in a cabinet. You might want to buy a storage device for these things and use the space for cooking related tasks. These actions allow you to find what you’re looking for more quickly and therefore get your meals done sooner.


One last thing: You might be tempted to leave a thing or two somewhere other than its usual place if you’re tired or in a hurry. But if you keep everything where it’s supposed to be, then you’ll be rewarded with knowing where it is when you need it. This will make your kitchen not only nicer looking, but better organized too.

Beautify Your Home with New Moulding

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w-cornertrimMoulding, also known as molding or trim, adds beauty to every single room in your home. Without it, you’d have ugly drywall edges with gaps along the side of the windows and doors. You’d have gaps on the floors alongside the wall. You’d also have rough ceiling to wall sections and rough cut edges of wooden cabinets with no protection. Trim takes the ugly out of construction and adds beauty over top of it. Your house cleaning efforts are only as good as the things around it that you see. Therefore, new looking trim will enhance your cleaning efforts.


Trim is available in many materials, like oak, pine, polymer, polyethylene, composite, and vinyl. Oak will give you strength and durability, but at a higher cost. Pine can serve well at a more affordable price, but is prone to more damage than oak. Polymer, polyethylene, vinyl, and composite clean easier, but are more susceptible to scuffing. Vinyl has more potential to warp if not installed properly or well.


Size will depend on the type. Types available include base moulding, corner moulding, inside corner trim, outside corner trim, crown moulding, chair rail, tile cap moulding, utility trim moulding, cove moulding, and many more types.


Design will vary too, from something that is simply beveled to something with wavy patterns, circular patterns, or many other patterns. Design can be implemented through etching, engraving, routing, or laminating. Once you understand your options, you’ll be ready to find exactly what is best for you. In fact, it will promote your housework efforts by making each room look much better.