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The Best Maid Service and House Cleaning Services in the Tampa Bay area including Riverview, Tampa, West Hills and Pinellas area


After a hard day at work, no one needs the stress of coming home to find a dirty floor, a smelly bathroom, and filthy windows. The Maids works hard to be the best maid service in the Riverview, Tampa, West Hills and Pinellas areas. The Maids knows that you have choices in your house cleaning services, and they work hard to be the best in the industry, so you can trust your home cleaning to them.


What makes The Maids Unique?

  • Organized Cleaning Approach - The Maids has introduced the best system of organization and quality control into the house cleaning services industry.
  • Team Cleaning - The Maids work in teams of four. Each person in the team handles a particular housecleaning job: kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dusting, or vacuuming. By focusing on a particular task, that person can do deeper cleaning and focus on corners and edges.
  • Superior Cleaning Products and Equipment - A professional cleaning service should provide the latest technology in cleaning supplies, not just use the ones you have around your house. The Maids researches the best methods, the best products for cleaning. We bring everything they need to clean your house with them.
  • Service - The Maids prides itself on good customer service. Customers testify that the teams are prompt, reliable, courteous and work hard. Customers also like the fact that The Maids team approach makes rescheduling easy.
  • Available for All Your Cleaning Needs - The Maids knows that customers sometimes have emergency cleaning needs, or require one-time deep cleaning on things like barbecue grills or windows. Whether a person needs an emergency same-day cleaning for a party, Chandelier Cleaning, or Garage Cleaning Service, The Maids can help.


How does The Maids provide the Best Cleaning Quality?

  • 22-Step Health Touch Deep Cleaning System-Systematically, The Maids divides your house cleaning into 22 different steps to tackle all of the places dirt and germs invade your house. Because the teams follow specific procedures, they won't miss the mess in the microwave, or the bacteria in the toilet hinge
  • Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning - Teams from The Maids use state-of-the-art HEPA backpack vacuums which filter 99% of the dust, allergens and pollutants out of a home. Moreover, they use specially formulated, green cleaning products which disinfect surfaces naturally using non-pathogenetic environmental substances which eliminate harmful bacteria naturally, without using harsh chemicals. The Maids makes sure a home is cleaned by products which will keep children and pets healthy and safe.
  • Deep Cleaning - The Maids teams don't just push around the dust and spray an aerosol freshener. They get on their hands and knees to clean floors in your bathroom and kitchen. Furthermore, they disinfect your sinks, counters, showers and toilet. In addition, they load your dishwasher, put on new sheets and straighten up your house rather than just cleaning around things. Why you can Trust The Maids
  • Superior Employee Selection - The Maids knows that you want a maid service you can trust with your home. So all of their employees are carefully screened to make sure they are documented, professional, trainable and can work as a team.
  • Professional Employee Training - After being selected to be on The Maids team, employees are trained in the 22-Step process as well as in how to clean in an environmentally-friendly way. Moreover, the teams are trained in working together effectively.
  • Insured and Bonded - The Maids understands that you want to be sure you are protected against accidents and theft, so for a double insurance for your home, all of the employees for The Maids are bonded and insured before they step into your residence. In addition, the cleaning team approach provides for greater accountability and security for customers.
  • Supervision and Quality Control - Each cleaning team on The Maids is supervised. For quality control, the team's work is inspected regularly. In addition, customers can be assured that any concerns or problems will be quickly addressed by our supervisors.


Why The Maids is the Best Maid Service


Customer testimonials continually testify to the fact that The Maids servicing Riverview, Tampa, West Hills and Pinellas provides excellent service and superior cleaning. The Maids does what other services don't do and offers a superior cleaning system provided by a vigorously trained, supervised, uniformed team of professional cleaning personnel.



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